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Of course, the most useful language in the world today, is English Language. Our English courses are designed to assist our students in attaining their desired competence in English. We are able to help students advance quickly by focusing on each aspect of the language such as pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking and then integrating these skills. We offered the following different classes for our English language courses.

Basic Level Course

The basic level course is designed for those students who have very little or no English background.
Duration: 2 Months

Intermediate Level Course

The intermediate level course is designed for those students who have a basic command of English and wish to improve to a higher level of fluency.
Duration: 2 Months

Advance Level Course

The advance level course is designed for those students who are already quite good at English but want to take their skills to the very highest level. In this course students learn how to advance their vocabulary, use idioms properly and to express complex thought in English.
Duration: 2 Months

Public Speaking Course

The public speaking course is designed for those students who need to improve their spoken English and it also concentrates in the technical and psychological aspect of communicating in front of a group of people. In this course students learn to use their words, their voices and their body language to communicate most effectively.
Duration: 1 Month

Visa Interview Preparation Course

The most frustrating part of applying for US visa is required interview at the US Embassy. Our visa interview preparation course teaches the skills you need to get through the visa interview successfully. We will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to answer honestly and effectively.
Duration: 2 weeks